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Tailor Made Service

  • For each tailor-made cake, we need to spend time to communicate with customer.  Please note that order is subject to availability and on first come first serve basis.  

  • We will stop taking further orders once our capacity during the period of time is fully reserved.  So we recommend customer to order from us at least 4weeks in advance for 3D cakes.

  • For Real 3D Cakes, we suggest customer to provide relevant photos to our chef.  Since the accurate angle of photo provided which will definitely help to provide high fidelity of output, Below five photos for your reference.

jeep car 3d (1).jpg
jeep car 3d (9).jpg
jeep car 3d (10).jpg
jeep car 3d (8).jpg
jeep car 3d (7).jpg
jeep car 3d (3).jpg
jeep car 3d (4).jpg

our chef will take more time to complete if  the photo angle is not good as the above, they will not be able to complete the cake art work easily and accurately, also the fidelity will be reduced.  Therefore, customer who fail to provide the relevant photo like the above may have 50% additional charge of the regular price

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