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General Information

Please read the terms and condition listed below before submitting order and enquiry, so that you can obtain useful information in a timely manner.

Order Lead Time


For designs listed on the online store, please place order 1-2 weeks in advance.


Please note that order is subject to availability and on first come first serve basis.  We will stop taking further orders once our booking in the specific period is fully reserved.


If your order lead time is less than 1 week, please call 26623838 or whatsapp 91322662 during 9:30am to 5:30pm  to enquire our availability before submitting order


Food Allergy - We endeavors to maintain stringent service practices and depute out strict controls, we are unable to guarantee the absence which may cause allergic reactions, including eggs, gluten, soybeans, milk, nuts (or nut-based ingredients), peanut, etc in our products.

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